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January 2012

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So faw away.

Such a user

I have not been on here for a really long time.  A LOT has happened since I was here last.  But I need a rant/vent, so here I go.
This is about my ex-fiance, the jerk!!!  Here it is in simple terms.  It was a complex thing, breaking it off and all, long story, but here is the short and to the point.
We were going together, everything was great.  Been together a long time.  He had recently broken up with a girl. Told me this huge long story about how she cheated on him and left him. (I no longer buy that story) But, he managed to make me fall for him even though I didn't like him that much when I first met him.  He kept hanging around, then was really sweet, we got to b friends.  A bit after I got used to being friends, h ask me to be his girlfriend.  Time lapsed on. But here is where I'm going with this now.
So, first he asks me to marry him. After we're engaged, he starts (or maybe had already started and just got careless about hiding it) cheating on me with one of my friends. I break it off with him and a few (like 3) months later, they are dating officially.  A few days ago I see on facebook that they are engaged. They are engaged after being together 5 months!!!!!!! I was with him two flipping years before he asked me, but he only asked because I was going to be moving away from him, so he had to.  Gave me the "I don't wanna lose you, I love you, can't live without you" speech. *rolls eyes*  Why I believed a word, I have no idea! Anyways, she (his new girl, my old friend) wrote to me and told me also, at least she had the guts to tell me to my face! He never told me when he started dating again officially, or when he got engaged to her. (Not that I'm shocked at all, just like he lied about cheating on me, but really, I'm not blind! And they were together super fast after I broke it off for him not to have been)  He didn't have the guts to say anything to my face!!! I give her credit for having the guts to tell me. I saw it on fb before I saw her message, but still, she did it.  Now, today, I'm on facebook and the little friend suggester in the corner pops up. It suggests this girl to me, her only friend I have in common is my ex. (And fine, sure, maybe I should just unfriend him, but I'm trying to be a much bigger person in all this than he is. I've tried all along to be nice) But this girl pops up. SHE HAS NOTHING ON BUT A DINKY BRA AND A THONG!!! I was all O.O What the heck?  Then I saw who her one friend was, which was the ex fiance of mine.  Ok, so that made me mad!!! I do believe I'm seeing a pattern here!!!!  He cheats on ME around the time he asks me to marry him, thinks it's safe and I wouldn't leave since I agreed to marry him. NOW he has asked HER to marry him and suddenly he's friends with this slutty looking girl.... I dunno if I'm the only one jumping to this conclusion... but it really seems to be highly suspect in my book.  It made me so angry! I think he is cheating on her now too!!!!  Makes me mad that he's at it again.  I feel bad for her, she is so happy. Poor girl!!! I tried to tell her... once a cheater, always a cheater! But I'm mad for her... It's really too bad she's going to end up hurt by him too.  I know she is head over heels in love with him, has been for a long time (before I was outa the picture). Poor girl has it bad for him, and he's going to rip out her heart and stomp on it. Makes me with I could do something to show her who he really is, like I had to see it.  I just wonder if she'll get it when she notices that girl he's friends with!  He'll have a story though... and I bet she believes him...


OMG! WHAT A CHEATER!!!!!!! Lucky you got out while you could.. beside, dont feel sorry for her.. she needs to learn.. She should have really knew better! -hugs u-
I know, it is lucky! Really lucky!!!! Yeah, she will learn eventually. *hugs*